A Big Thank You To All The Free Internet Services We Take For Granted


What is your favourite FREE Internet service?

This article is going to pay homage and give some praise to all the free services we take for granted online:

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Please do tell us about your favourite free services that you access online in the comments section below:

So here are some of my personal favourites that I would sorely miss if they were taken away:

I will be compiling a list based on responses in the comments so please be vocal about what you enjoy for free online!

Chat for free:

As someone who has friends all over the world, the fact that I can now communicate with all these people using video and audio via services like Skype and Gmail is nothing short of astounding, the fact that we get all these services for free is downright insane and could not have been predicted over 10 years ago.

Social networks:

I am currently assessing Google + and while I have wrote the Google + guide here, I must say I have had more worthwhile relationships on Linked In…are you a Twitter lover or Facebook fiend?

Email for free:

Yes Gmail is a winner for me here, the fact that I can use it as an email client for other accounts via pretty simple POP email set up is fantastic and means I never have to leave Gmail, plus it has the above mentioned chat with video included all for free!

Share photos for free:

Well having got a bit tired of Flickr very early on I am not really as well versed as I would like to be considering I have been taking semi pro pictures for over ten years….a missing gap filled by a new photo sharing service here?…Your thoughts?

Dating for free:

The one thing that certainly makes the world go round. People. I am not in any way ashamed to say that I met my wonderful other half online and would love to hear your thoughts on free services that allow you to meet other people, perhaps they were not even dating sites but you formed a relationship that became real world…do tell all.

News for free:

I mix and match my news sources and feel quite aggrieved to have to pay for news information especially when it is possible to make money from advertising, luckily the Internet has an amazing knack in getting so many things to consumers for free…so what are you favourite news websites?

Keep on coming with your own free services that you would sorely miss and let us know what you are using that costs you diddly squat!

Anthony Munns