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Wearable technology

Wearable technology explored and explained

What is Wearable Technology? Wearable technology is tech gadgets that people wear, not just like headphones or a watch though, these wearables contain smart sensors and make use of an internet connection, mainly Bluetooth and…

social mobile

The best smartphones available for on the go gaming

Top Smartphones for Mobile Gaming Advances in technology have kept up to date with the busy lifestyles of many and brought about the convenience of on the go gaming that rivals that of gaming consoles.…

Why Mobile is Proving to be the Perfect Platform for Online Games and Gambling

Discover Why Mobile Casino Game are So Popular

Gambling shows up in the history of most countries at some stage or another. Human beings have been participating in games against which they can pit their wits, intellect and skills for centuries, and gambling…

social mobile

Booming Social Casino Apps

When social gambling emerged around 2013, non-sport games mainly followed a freemium model where users played for virtual tokens rather than actual money. Chips were typically reloaded every night and users would have to wait for the following day to continue playing.

bet 365

The Top Casino Apps Available Online

The Top Casino Apps Available Online With new and exciting apps dropping into both the Android and iPhone app stores nearly every day the list continues to grow which even though makes it all the…

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