Sweet Steve Jobs Videos Collection

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Steve Jobs Videos:

Thanks to TheNextWeb for pointing out this little gem courtesy of a website called Chill.com.

Steve Jobs Video Collection
Steve Jobs Video Collection

A clever site that hooks into facebook and features an option to create collections, the site now has a page dedicated to Steve Jobs videos it can be found here, and was collated by one of the founders of Chill, Scott Hurff.

So, if you are a bit of an Apple head or worship the Jobster like he was some kind of messiah, get your butt over to Chill and pay homage, there are some rare treats on show.

As someone who seriously values the power of video, it is amazing to see just how much Steve Jobs was involved in promoting using this medium especially as most of the footage was not seen by the majority of people until later on.

I like the interview when he was 31 talking about how the Apple 2 came to be and inspired him to move forward with Apple.

What is yours?

Anthony Munns
  • Hey, thanks so much for the coverage. I’ve been hugely inspired by Steve Jobs over the years and wanted to show just how much I admired him.

    When will you guys start your own collections? 🙂

    • Hi Scott well I only just got to know about you guys today…..this Internet land is vast!

      Trust me I am working on a very interesting video angle to the site and have just trialled rather disastrously this angle today…..

      Tomorrow things will be working a lot smoother though….yes I am being purposely vague..;)…but may well be looking at your site for part of what we are up to.