Samsung Nexus S Ice Cream Sandwich Update Problems

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Problems with Ice Cream Sandwich update for Nexus S

After telling you all about the newly released Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Samsung Nexus S, it has now come to our attention from our fantastic readers that they are not having the best of luck with this update. even though it has apparently gone through tests to iron out issues prior to a global roll out over the course of the next month or so.

Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich Nexus S Update Problems
Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich Nexus S Update Problems

One issue is, that MMS messaging is disabled.

Paul Boone:

I updated and now I can’t send or receive MMS messages! DON’T GET THE ICS upgrade until they fix this!

Luciano Muller Nicoletti

Another seems to be that Google + instant upload does not work.

Google+ Instant Upload does not work anymore after upgrading my Nexus S to ICS :

We will try to keep you updated with news on any other issues and a link to go for help.

Have you had problems with your upgrade to Android 4.0 ICS on your Samsung Nexus S?

If you have, please let us know in the comments section and be as specific as possible so we can ensure people are getting the right help and not duplicating similar sounding issues that are being reported.


Our advice right now would be to stay in tune to our news and other news related to the upgrade and new operating system, and wait a few more weeks for the update so most of the issues are resolved that should have been ironed out before the general release.

If you can also tell us what countries you are getting the update available from that may help us see how Google are rolling out the update.

Thank you.

Anthony Munns
  • Faraz

    i have updated yesterday to ICS and have seen increased battery consumption. It is draining out quicker than it was … Also a bit sluggish now!!!

    • Faraz, thank you for the update, I will be comping a list in the next day or so, and will warn people about the risks of an update.

      • ian

        yap mr. you need to warn the others.. its really annoying.. =( think i’ll just reset my android again 

  • Amir Nogayev

    I have updated yesterday my nexus s till ics and my wi-fi doesn’t show me available networks

    • Ianne012

      super true… what did you? did you reset your android?

  • Vish Vass

    The apps that used to work on my phone have stopped working. Specially the ones that need authentication via login

    • This is bad news, thanks for letting us know about your own issues, they do seem varied, let me try to help you guys out, keep you posted.

  • Ianne012

    huhu i updated my nexxus s and huhu wifi connection are lost.. cant connect to any wifi.. in addition the notification thingy was gone.. and i always use that for inquiries.. huhu how to downgrade back my android OS…

    • Hi, thank you for taking the time to get in touch and highlight the problems on your Nexus S, I am going to find a way for you guys to sort the issues out if I can, will keep you posted.

      • Firemonitors

        I have also updated to ICS on Nexus S  bad battery life no 3G no BBC Iplayer and unstable apps  Who and when will this get fixed as no point in having such a phone without all  functions and I use around the world on business will google swap for a phone that works?? 

  • PvtJoker

    Even worse for me… After updating to ICS yesterday I practically cannot make outgoing calls nor can I turn on 3G/data. The phone sometimes loses connection to the GSM network totally and asks to reboot.

    Nexus S / ICS 4.0.3 / Lithuania

    • Thank you again for letting us know about your issues, they are once again not small problems, thank you for also letting us know which country you are commenting from.

  • Paulosilva8200

    ice cream s on nexus s, widgets they not moving from the widget into the screen, only manage to do a few of them, on the running app selection  then i stop an apps, the screen goes to all aps instead of staying on the running apps. usb running apps changed to phone memory instead and cant go to sd card when with gingerbread it could.
    map apps is always running, dont need to run this app when my sat or gps is closed, wasting energy, and the most important of all of them , is that nexus s have no way to send contacts by sms, when all the phones in this world can,
    so please google,with no offence, but when google displays on stage in front of 1000s or customers that android can do face log in or view how the battery power is wasted, then i have to say, what the hell, who cares about this little things, maybe for nerds and kids that are more into apps or not, i realise that the most importante app that we use 90% on the phone is the phone and contacts, so yes, sms contacts vs are more importante that face recognition .
    and other thing, the folder are great and most of the new things are great, mms is not downloading, and the layout sucks compare to gingerbread, when i take the picture and then i want to share, before all the facebook logos and colour apps was there, not its grey and black fonts with a boring feel, when you make things, make better, not worst, so many people working in google and nobody can see the real things,
    ps, you can hire me and i will check all phones for you guys, better than others. this was in 5 minutes checking, thanks
    [email protected]

    • Hi Paulo. I am really sorry to hear of your issues and will be warning others after you have so kindly taken the time to highlight your problems, the issues are really serious.

  • PEOPLE WITH PROBLEMS – I can only suggest that you take a look at the XDA Developers forums and hope that a fix is offered, or wait for your update, I had a look around, but I really do not know that much about downgrading Android phones myself and have not found anything that would explain how to do this easily for this particular issue….there is always a way though, so I will keep you posted with any news.

  • Tin

    Updated to ICS yesterday and I can no longer make/receive calls and can’t get my phone to pick up any GSM signal (let alone 3G/EDGE). Was working fine before I had it updated manually.

    • Hi and thank you for letting us know, this is terrible for so many people, I will try to update you on any help we find.

      • Tin

        It’s possible that the version I downloaded might not have been the version that is compatible with my device. Now looking at forums to see if I can flash it and revert to old version that was working. If you come across good tips and guides, I’d very much appreciate it.

        • Ah, did you not do it OTA? Of course, any news I get will be passed right on ASAP.

  • My Nexus S restarts every few minutes since the update.  Completely frustrating.

    • This sounds like a new bug and a very frustrating one, than you for letting us know….try the XDA forums to get the issue resolved, though I am unsure how easy that currently will be.

    • Chuck

      Same problem with mine. I can’t believe Samsung and Google pushed this out with so may problems!!!

    • JA

      You are luckier than me. Mine doesn’t switch on at all. My Nexus S is DEAD after ICS install.

    • Oz9adw

      Yes… My Phone never started after update rebooted.. Nothing happens…


      • Please keep your eyes peeled on the XDA forums for help, not had chance to look into things for you guys since….busy time here!…God luck though.

  • Mones12

    Same problem here with the nexus s. Can make/receive call, 3g doesn’t work. I’m really disappointed with ics.

    • Hi, thank you for letting us know about your problems, we currently see now way to help but suggest you look at the XDA forums for now.

  • Digby

    I had a notification that the ICS update was ready on Saturday morning. Downloaded, verified and ran the update. During the process of running the phone turned itself off (full battery charge, I figured was just part of the update process) but now can not be turned on at all. Not even restore/factory reset. It’s completely dead. Tried to get it fixed under warranty in Thailand but bought the phone in Italy and Nexus S was never released in Thailand so no warranty cover here. They tell me it needs a new main board so need to wait a few days for the part to come in. Not great.

    • I am very sorry to hear about all your issues, may I suggest you look at the Google forums and also the XDA forums too, these guys are bang on top of problems that occur like this and usually have suggestions and workarounds before the manufacturers do…..some more intricate than others I must add!

    • JA

      Digby, I am having the same problem. Whom should I contact – Samsung or Google or T-mobile??

  • Paulosilva8200

    loads of problems that i hear here is working with me, that means that same people did not named the folder to as they should, or they update this on the other phones instead of nexus s, for my issues, i hope they can solve it fast. thanks , keep me posted mobile inquirer and dont forget the sms contact send, thanks

    • Will do Paulo, and thank you for telling us more about your problems.

  • Benoit

    Hi everybody, since the update i have no mobile network, gsm, 3G, but the wifi works. Thank you to mobileinquirer for help.

    • Hi, it seems like the European market has been trialled prior to a general US release of this Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Nexus S….Thanks Benoit for updating us on your issues.

      • Benoit from france

        I still have the same problem and I’m really angry, it’s amazing and so unprofessional.So I searched on  xda forum and think I found the problem. Everything is there. thanks to Mobile inquirer. 

        • Cheers for your appreciation, it really does matter, I wish I could have helped more, so thank you for having the decency to leave the link for others..;)

  • Chuck

    Just upgraded to ICS on my Nexus S after recieving system update notice. Now my phone reboots about every 60 seconds!! Is there ANY way to roll this back to GB??

    • Hi Chuck, going to do my best to help you out but nothing found just yet!

    • Hi. Please go and check the XDA forums for any help, though nothing jumps out at me just yet.

  • Honesty7007200

    I have a bigger problem,I got the update but the Wi-Fi didn’t work ,so after two days of research I finally rolled out my sim and did a factory reset, now it works, but if I insert the sim, it won’t work again, now I should choose whether to be able to use sim or Wi-Fi

    • You are not the only one!….stay tuned for help as we hear of it.

  • Andranikg

    Hi. I updated my nexus s and lost my wifi connectivity. I cannot connect wifi, but the wifi tethering works.

    • Hi, sorry to hear of your problems, I can only advise to stay peeled here and if we find a way to help you out we will post it as soon as we do, sorry we are unable to help sooner.

  • Des

    Updated 2 days ago, no issues so far.  Batter was running out slightly faster but it’s fine now, just had to turn on “Force GPU rendering” under “Developer options” in settings.

    • Thank you I am compiling any help offered for an article to be released soon.

  • Campsec

    I also had wi/fi issues but different.  When I turn wi/fi on it jams my home wi/fi network and causes my laptop to disconnect.  In searching wi/fi from my computer it shows a random wi/fi network available which is coming from my Nexus S.

    • There seems to be some serious Wi-Fi issues as has been reported before, thank you for your notes.

  • Guest


    I upgraded my Nexus S to Ice Cream sandwich after receiving notification on my cell phone. 3 hours after the upgrade, my cell phone is DEAD!!! Please let me know whom should I contact – Samsung Customer, T-mobile Customer care, or Google (how to contact Google??). Have others faced this problem? How was it resolved?

  • JA


    I upgraded my Nexus S to Ice Cream sandwich after receiving notification on my cell phone. 3 hours after the upgrade, my cell phone is DEAD!!! 

    Please let me know whom should I contact – Samsung Customer, T-mobile Customer care, or Google (how to contact Google??). Have others faced this problem? How was it resolved?

  • Jo

    my problems seeem trivial now but I downloaded the update and now most of my apps don’t work -even after uninstalling and downloading them again. Its particularly a problem as the internet cant be easily turned on or off now. And another stupid problem whatever I do predictive text keeps turning itself back on. I think i’d rather not be able to receive phone calls it would annoy me less. does anyone else think just aesthetically its a downgrade as well. why would they do this!

  • Nads

    I updated my Nexus S to ICS a few days ago when i recieved a notification on my phone. The main problems i am having (similar to most people here!) are that once the phone gets locked, I can no longer receive or make calls (I loose complete signal), I also loose my WiFi Network. Also, the predictive text is not very functional ( I use swype, and it has become ver slow), well, all the phone´s functions are running slower now… and this is just the “tip of the iceberg”… I havent had time to see the rest of the detials/errors!
    Any news that these errors are going to get fixed any time soon? Is there anyone I should contact? I live in the Canary Islands, Spain. Many Thanks!!

    • Nads

      P.S.: Also getting erros in my home WiFi Network!! Not sure if its a coincidence…

      • Hi. Sounds like similar issues to many with respect the Wi-Fi problems, I am still looking for a workaround, but for now, hold tight and go check the XDA forums as those guys tend to be swift at coming up with solutions to issues like this….thanks for detailed comment though, and sorry I can not help more just now.

  • Eee2qwe232


    Yes, after updateding my Nexus S to ICS Email APP doesn’t work properly and woudn’t be checking my emails and there is no notification msg on the task bar, I have to check my emails manualy by refreshing the email page!!!!!!

    • Thank you and sorry to hear of your problems…no news yet I am afraid for help.

  • nutmegwalnut

    After ICS update, I cannot receive mms, normal texts don’t pop up with name even though contact is saved in phone (just comes up as their number) and phone is generally slower. Who do I contact? I am so anti-technology and this is why!!!!
    location Sydney, Australia…

    • Hi, and thank you for letting us know, bit of a half time period right now but if anything comes up that can help you out I will be posting asap…cheers.

  • Gbisada

    i’ve updated my nexus s using the manual method that was indicated in the earlier article when it was first released. the ICS comes with alot of neat tricks and options and the interface and style in general is really good. however, i’ve noticed the following:
    – performance noticeably slower in doing the basic stuff like launching the call log, contacts, dialpad, messaging etc. than it ever was in gingerbread
    – wifi works properly; however, the signal is not as powerful as in the gingerbread (from my same living room chair, it used to be 2 bars and now 1 bar in ICS)
    – this probably could be ignorance from me – but the face screen unlock doesn’t work on my nexus s

    • Gbisada

      …and the battery life is lower than previously on gingerbread

    • Thank you for taking the time to give us your own take on things…interesting and I take your word for it.

  • Randy

    Google+ says it has stopped and I can’t uninstall it & the phone is constantly rebooting making the nexus S unusable. I have ICS 4.0.3 and I don’t know whats wrong.

    • Dag

      you have to update G+. Did work for me

  • Roshan567

    hey guys..
    i upgraded my phone to the ICS about 2 days was working perferctly until today after noon…all of a sudden i lost net work and i am no longer able to receive or make calls..pls help

    • Hi, sorry you have had issues, shame you did not read this prior, I currently have found no way to roll back though I have been busy writing other news etc, please try the XDA forums, and fingers crossed you can get it sorted..though I was of the understanding that any future attempt to upgrade through the official channel would result in nothing happening and reverting back to original O/S?

      • Roshan567

        cool..thanks..please keep us posted…also how do i downgrade it to 2.3.6 so that i can use my phone properly?

        • Hi. Again, you are best off asking the guys/gals at XDA forums, with so many devices and O/S’s I am too busy to keep up with all the issues that occur technically, so not the best guy on this matter….;)…Good luck though…And if I do see some tips I will post for sure.

  • Jonas


    After reading your article about how to reboot my Nexus S phone to Ice Cream Sandwich system, I have faced a big problem. Everything was working fine until the installation of the Ice Cream Sandwich was done. My phone was automatically shutted of. BUT I can not start it up again! It is totaly dead.

    How is this possible?

    And what can I do to fix this problem?

    PS. My phone was bought in Sweden. DS.

    • Hi, sorry to hear of your problems with this update. May I suggest the XDA forums for help. Good luck.

  • Much appreciated Marijus.

  • ritz

    this is the worst update imaginable. a) there’s a huge issue with contact names/numbers not showing up correctly, both in messaging and in the call lists. b) the messaging app randomly quits in the middle of me typing a text. c) phone crashes much more often, the battery life is quite atrocious and in general it’s a far less stable system. hate this update with a passion! (sorry for the sour grapes!)

    • Sorry to hear of your issues, afraid your not alone….will try to keep you posted on developments!

  • Taco Dave

    This is getting absurd. I havent been able to connect to my computer since december. Battery drains in hours. Programs randomly turn on. Phone resets whenever. Cool dudes. 

    • Hi and sorry to hear of your issues, seems problematic for many.

  • Biejer2628

    after the update, my battery drains much too fast than before the ICS update. My battery barely lasts 12hrs! how can this be fixed? need help please. thanks

  • Olivierketele

    Hi, I updated my Nexus and I can only charge it when the device is turned OFF. When the device is turned ON, I can not charge the battery. My screen keeps turning on and on, even when the phone is just lying on my desk… How can I fix this??

    • Hi. If I hear news on how to help I will be back to inform…moving house last week!….busy!

  • Mike robertson

    Updated my Nexus S & i runs like a dog.So much so i carry around a cheap Nokia 101 so when the Nexus has no reception  i pop the Sim card into the Nokia & reception is great also it crashes when it rings

    • Really sorry to hear of the continued issues for this device “arse cream sandwich” more like!….:)

  • Ianne012

    huhu hate this upgrade.. after i upgrade to ice cream sandwich.. cant connect to wifi.. and when i restore factory settings.. the version is still the same… what will i do i dont have wifi acess

  • lilbrudder88

    The only issue im having with Ice Cream Sandwich on my Nexus S is that I cant send MMS over 3G network (doesnt work on Cell Data).  It used to work when I had Gingerbread, so its not the APN settings and its not my company (Mobilicity in Ottawa Ontario).  The odd thing is it does work if im connected to a Wifi, most of the times at least.  Sometimes I have to try several times but it eventually works over Wifi. 

  • Ulf Persson

    After the uppdate the phone has become unstabile, it seems to be memory problems. Even if no programs are running the phone runs out of memory. Problems using wifi, camera etc.. first day I had to restart at least 10 times now it frezzes 2 – 3 times/day. I wish that I could reverse this, it’s terrbly bad of Samsung to release the uppdate in this state.

  • Ulf Persson

    I forgott, I am also having power problems, sometimes the phone seems to be running full speed even if it’s just in the pocket. I can feel that it gets warm and the battery drains quickly. It’s not a continus problem, so some background process probably locks and just runs the processor flat out.

  • I have done my Nexus S 4.0.4 installation, everything went fine and works fine, except one of the important things – I’m having signal loss issues! I can’t make any outgoing calls, it just beep once and shows “call ended”. I’ve tried to reboot the phone, but it doesn’t help. PLEASE! I need your advice, because it’s really annoying 🙁

    • Marijus Kalesinskas

      Dear Ayah,

      It has been a noted problem also in the version 4.0.3. I had it and started a separate thread in google forums. It seems to be operator related, the new Android seems to be incompatible with the softwarw some operators use. One solution that has worked for a number of people is to ask operator to change the SIM card to new. Other is to wait until Google instructs the operator to update the network software accordingly.

  • Cheesescone

    Nexus S installation was fine, all works well apart from streaming flash cuts out after about a minute. minimal other services running, no buffering notification. Have to constantly stop and refresh the page. Amazingly annoying. Used to be faultless.

  • ICS = samsung aids

    I updated to ICS a few days ago and within hours of doing it things started to go wrong. My on/off button has stopped working altogether and my whole phone has been running really slow. Not impressed, if i’d read this first I wouldn’t have bothered updating. Seems everyone has been having problems with it. Alec, UK.

  • Darkim29

    Have HUGE problems. I had my battery checked at the store & it is good.  It is dead in about 3 hours without doing anything.  The GPS does not work. Can not make or recieve calls in a lot of areas.  Called Sprint & they recommeded buying out my cantract & getting another phone.  How about another company! Need help!

  • Ernchesto

    Mine worked well for a while after the upgrade. I was really enjoying it, but the past few days have started to wig it out. It’s now been rebooting itself like a banshee…GRRRRRR

  • Jenn

    My Nexus S constantly reboots itself since the upgrade.  I like the look and feel of ICS more than I did Gingerbread, but this issue is enough to make me want to just get a new phone and forget it – and I JUST got the Nexus S!  Hopefully they fix this issue soon… battery life sucks as it is, this is killing it even more.

  • JayDukes

    Ice Cream Sandwich has killed my phone. I have a Nexus S 4G, and I was loving it before ICS came around. It looks great and all, but since I got the update, my phone reboots by itself, sometimes in the middle of calls. 

  • guest

    since the upgrade (which was done automatically) on my nexus s i have had so many problems including freezing up, crashing constantly, automatic reboots for no apparent reason, my phone will not show when being charged, wont power back up once the battery dies even after being charged, and finally my phone has now completely crashed and will not turn on, will not reboot, i get absolutely no response even after charging for hours and removing the battery and putting it back. it just will not power up, nothing but a dead black screen. This is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!