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Amazon One Pence Smartphone Offer! – GET IN QUICK!

Written by Anthony Munns | Posted in Smartphone News

Amazon 1p Smartphone Offer

Published on November 24, 2011 with 4 Comments

Amazon go head to head in run up to Xmas with 1p smartphone deals, black Friday never looked so good for US buyers of smartphones – BUT HURRY!

Want a smartphone for a penny? Get to now using the links provided below to see a full range of sexy Smartphones all for 1 cent/penny – An amazing offer though not inclusive of Apple’s iPhone, which Amazon do not stock anyway.

Amazon want to sell you mobile devices at a bargain price!

Thanks must go to Chris Brogan here who pointed me to this nugget of news that missed me totally….he does as many know have quite a friendly relationship with Amazon.

Well Amazon certainly know who to gain some high quality positive attention:

Amazon 1p Smartphone Offer

Amazon 1p Smartphone Offer

We have already covered how aggressively Amazon entered the tablet market this last week or so, competing firmly on price with their $199 Amazon Kindle Fire.

Yes a good old loss leader always helps bring the visitors and paint you in a good light. Going head to head with retailers on price for smartphones (other than the iPhone) means that Amazon are now offering a vast array of devices for just 1p with various contracts to counteract the sweetener, this contrasts to competitors who still have the same phones and contract but are often asking for $hundreds on top as well.

Yes you can pick up these phones and more for just $0.01:

Yes, the smartphones below, and more, can be bought for a mere 0.01p with a 2 year contract….but be quick!

Samsung Galaxy S II 4G Android Phone (AT&T) RRP: $599.99 – Yours for $0.01 with below link:

Motorola Droid Razr RRP: $799.99 – Yours for $0.01 with below link:

BlackBerry Torch 4G RRP: $649.99 – Yours for $0.01 with below link:

All come with two year contracts, though to be honest UK buyers have this kind of incentive peddled to them as a matter of course…so could this be a sea change for US consumers of smartphones and tablets?

The offer includes the Motorola Droid Razr Samsung Galaxy S II 4G and BlackBerry Torch 4G which all retail for $hundreds at various other stores on a similar two year deal.

Be quick though, as the offer appears to be ending on Monday next week!

With Amazon offering the new Kindle Fire for a jaw dropping $199 we can see that the retail giant is using all its clout to ensure that as many people are aware as possible that Amazon mean business in the mobile device market!

We say, nice one Amazon, as we expect prices to start coming down all round as a result of this festive price war.

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  1. When I read this I though oh yeh!….another headline grabbing article, clicked a link and yes there it is a Samsung S2 for 1c. Thanks for the heads up I am going to tell my friends as I have juts bought one…;(

  2. What a great deal. I remember being in the UK thinking this is not fair! About time!…well done Amazon.

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